Apr. 13th, 2016

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Damn you, Abigail Rorer, this is your fault! If your wretched illustrations hadn't been so compelling, I'd never have discovered Reginald Farrer, bought the book, and looked up Edelweiss / flannel flower / Leontopodium alpinum. And I might not have ever cracked the seal on that packet of Edelweiss seeds my friend brought me as a cat-sitting present when she went to Switzerland. ("What would you like?" she asked. "Oh, bring me some Edelweiss seeds," I said -- like an idiot. Why couldn't I have said "bring me some good chocolate"?)

Reginald Farrer said these guys are easy to grow, and not just in the hills. Well, they're certainly easy to grow from two-year-old seed under grow-lights. Here's a close-up of a corner of the seedling flat. For scale, those "pebbles" are individual grains of builders' sand.

The packet contained 100 seeds. I think I'm up to 70-plus that have sprouted. This picture was taken yesterday afternoon and there's been movement since.

[livejournal.com profile] clindau has already put in a request for surplus seedlings. I think this counts as one of my "mimpish squinnies" series of posts because that's what started this. Happily, the friend who brought me the seeds also wants a couple for her mother, whom she says has probably not seen an Edelweiss since childhood.


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