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It's my new safe-for-work expletive. And it's backed up by a graphic:

The Holy Family at work: from The Hours of Catherine of Cleves, Morgan MS M.917. More info and some backstory about the strange history of this manuscript here:

Thought I'd tack on some updates on The Scamp. His appetite and energy level are both much improved. I had his megabucks prescription refilled so I now have two of those bite-proof 1 mL syringes, but it doesn't really matter. He's conditioned to expect Greenies dental treats before, during, and after the medication and he's more or less resigned to being squirted. This morning he opened his mouth, as much as if to say, "Well, if you must..."

I also ordered the rolling cat carrier (it's huge!). Some time this weekend I will take him around the block to see how he does, before taking him out in traffic for real.
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We took him for his ultrasound on Friday. The results: gallstones; slight thickening in intestinal wall consistent with mild inflammation; slight changes in pancreas consistent with mild inflammation. Diagnosis: mild triditis. He will be on steroids for the rest of his life, starting with a high dose and dropping down. He will be on antibiotics for a month, maybe longer.

The compounding pharmacy affiliated with the vet's is making an all-in-one liquid for him to get 2x/day -- 2 mL each dose. It's an oil-based thing with beef flavoring. They suggest I try mixing it with his food before torturing him (and me) with twice-daily medicating. Fingers crossed that he'll eat it but I'm not optimistic.

Here's a photo of him showing off his ultrasound haircut.

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He was off his feed earlier this week and acting a little strangely -- he spent an entire day lying in "his spot" out back and otherwise avoiding us.

Yesterday I did two things: I made an appointment for the ultrasound; and I called the vet to ask for more appetite stimulants while we await the ultrasound results. I gave him his appetite stimulant pill around 6 pm, and wasn't 100% sure he had actually taken it, although I couldn't find it anywhere within spitting distance of where I'd administered it.

Two hours later, as we were eating dinner in front of the TV, he hopped up on Roy's lap and stole a chunk of roast pork right out of the dish.

This morning I came up to find the designer crunchies and all of last night's Fancy Feast eaten. He followed me up and said a few choice words, so I popped the lid on a new can and gave him half. Ten minutes later he was in my office complaining about the portion size. I gave him the other half a can and he ate that right up, too.

The last batch of appetite stimulants didn't work quite this well...
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I have found the Magic Elixir that tempts The Scamp to eat: StarKist Solid White Tuna in Water -- whizzed in the food processor with its own juice until it is a pate. He ate about half a can of it yesterday in the late afternoon and evening. Given that the vet wanted me to get half a can of their cat food into him over a day, I'd say this is good.

Several folks on Teh Facebooks have cautioned me that it's not a balanced diet. I don't plan to feed him the stuff for all eternity, just until his appetite returns for good. I think I can reintroduce the vet's cat food by mixing it 50/50 with some of the tuna. He still disdains the shreds of "meat" or "fish" in Fancy Feast and other prepared cat foods. I haven't made it to a Fancy Feast store to pick up some of their pate yet, but that will be next.

Also, when I got up this morning, he'd eaten about half of the 1/3 cup of Prescription Crunchies I put out for him overnight. I think he's on the mend.

He still hates getting his meds, but I'm following them immediately by treats (and now by tuna), and that seems to be making him a little more resigned to the process. [Or maybe not -- I just went down to give him his morning meds and he managed to sink a claw into a vein on the back of my hand with....spectacular....results.]
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[Posted at 10 this morning] He's not eating much for me, and he's pretty lethargic -- except when it's time to give him his meds,  Then, with preternatural strength and much gacking, he fights off my attempts to poison him.

I'd really rather give pills to cats, as long as they're not too big. That's not so hard. Shove as far down as possible, hold head up and massage throat until he swallows. But that's only every other day. The three ml of assorted antibiotics squirted into his mouth with syringes is....not fun, and this will keep up twice daily till Friday, when he goes back for a checkup. I'd be a lot happy if he were eating more.

[Update at 4:45] He has polished off the last of the first batch of Presription Crunchies (about 1/4 cup). My neighbor gave me four dear little cans of Fancy Feast. I popped the lid on salmon salad (or whatever it was called) and gave him about half the can. He immediately licked off all the tasty sauce, leaving the dry salmon. I added some water and he ate a little ore of it. I think that's progress.

[Update at 11:00] Not much additional eating, but he may snack this evening. He was marginally easier to medicate this afternoon and allowed himself to be mollified with a few treats within five minutes of being medicated. (And he forgave me faster. Last night he studiously ignored me for hours.) He also had a bit of raw beef while we were preparing dinner.
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Big, but fine. He weighs 10 kilos. The new and young-ish junior vet in the practice had to do calculations but this Child of the Sixties immediately knew that meant 22 pounds.

New and Young-ish says The Scamp isn't fat, just a bruiser of a cat. Big bones, huge muscles, says the vet. The sore on his leg is just an abrasion with some surface infection -- no big pus-laden abscess hiding behind a scab, *whew.*

So The Scamp got an anti-inflammatory shot, an antibiotic shot, a feline leukemia test (negative) and vaccination because for some reason he never had one, and a couple other immunizations. Total bill pretty horrendous, but he hasn't been to the vet for five years, I blush to say, so it amortizes out to about 50 bucks a year.

He yowled a bit on the way over and wasn't exactly thrilled with the process, but he didn't wail in sheer terror the way Ferko and Quaker City used to, and his eyes didn't totally dilate with fear.

The cabbies fell all over themselves to get me here and back again on time. I hear that word on the street is that I tip VERY generously when the ride is embarrassingly short, so they're glad to do it.
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It got hot and muggy awfully quickly today and I was caught at the Wal*Mart, where there is no shade, about 8:30 this morning with some pounds of stuff to haul home. I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought because the butter didn't melt en route. But this morning's ten level miles were awfully enervating in the murk. I couldn't see the tall buildings of Center City through the haze. Usually they look like this:

I scored some more black yoga pants and tops for very cheap so I now have seven identical changes of black yoga pants and black v-neck t-shirt. Woot. I'm set, clothes-wise, until it's cold enough that I need two pairs of pants. Then I guess I can wear leggings under these.

The other day I ran across the little packets of kitty treats I had here for Ferko. On a whim, I decided to try training The Scamp. He *got* coming when called in two tries. Sitting on command took about three. Down is a little slower and he isn't sure it's in keeping with his dignity. But he does it, some times, and makes it clear that he's only doing it to accommodate me.


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