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Hippeastrum parade is over. This is the last photo. But it looks like there will be many seeds for a robust class of 2011. Downstairs there are about 12 seedlings each in the schlumbergera and the parsley flats. Very nice...

Also, the Nopalxochia has one flower, four buds, and some intriguing swellings. The overwintered impatiens is blooming again, too.

My little maple is leafing out in the backyard. The squirrel and I are fighting over the relative importance of pansies and peanuts in one planter.

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Six days till the next Flower Show tour guide meeting -- and view of the show floor. Or maybe five days till the next etc., depending on how badly I'm jonesing for the smell of mulch.

The first hippeastrum started to open yesterday -- apple blossom, with just two flowers, but that's all right. Today it's fully open.

Schlumbergera are winding down, but I still have three plants with blooms, and two of those plants still have unopened buds.

The Nopalxochia outlier is almost fully open, but not quite. The two other buds have a long way to go.

Meanwhile, I had an unexpected gift: one of the rooted impatiens cuttings I overwintered is taking off and it has a flower! Three begonia cuttings, rooted and potted up, have buds too.

Seeds from Park Seed arrived yesterday: impatiens shady lady (blushing beauties mix), and double curled parsley. I will add them to my two kinds of basil and call it a day, seed-wise.

Bad Cat

Jun. 13th, 2010 11:34 am
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envoypeachimpatiensI have whined repeatedly about the poor germination of my very expensive impatiens seeds and how I have only four viable seedlings from this $3.50 pack of seeds.

I believe I mentioned that I set out the four seedlings this week, and that I was hoping they'd take root and do well.

Today, as I was coming downstairs, Roy reported that The Scamp had started excavations near the coleus and I probably would want to plant another coleus there to discourage them.

Yikes! That's where I planted the impatiens -- did The Scamp dig up any of those? Roy looked at me blankly. He gets coleus, plants with colorful leaves. He gets impatiens, plants with colorful flowers in shady places. But two-inch seedlings? Not so much.

So I scampered out and to my relief the Scamp had only dug up one, hadn't hurt it, and the deed was still so recent that it hadn't dried out. So back in the ground it went. Now I have put down a "mulch" of bricks around those plants so that he won't be so eager to excavate there. Once plants grow to about 6" he seems to get the idea that there will be no digging there and I'll be able to remove the bricks. Which are not pretty.

There's a whole big area full of cedar bark mulch where The Scamp can dig to his heart's content. Bad cat!
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Underdone Bluefish gave me the day off yesterday -- I was feeling pretty good, biked on two separate errands. But it's making a repeat appearance, with low fever and TMI effects. Not as bad as the other day, though, and I've just taken drugs so I may feel fine pretty soon.

I looked around our little back yard and saw some progress I will want to chart.

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And now I'm all sweaty, which I think means the drugs are kicking in and the fever is breaking, so perhaps I'll feel more like working.
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2010-04-25_041longwoodBeen a busy week -- working, editing photos, going to Civil War events (stuff in the pipeline so I couldn't just bail out). I must have shot a thousand frames over the weekend, edited it down to 200 or so, and am still working on my Longwood shots from Sunday.

I'm not as discriminating as some photographers in what I share on Flickr, probably because I keep Flickr as my online notebook.

A chunk of this week has been consumed with rassling the PACSCL 2009 books into the sort of shape that will let me take them off to the treasurer today and then to the accountant next week. I always feel better when that's done.

It's been a little chilly around here and I was afraid that the cold and a beating-down rainstorm might have done in my thyme seedlings, but I seem to be okay. The expensive impatiens were a great disappointment, though. I think I'll have five usable plants out of the packet. The backyard garden continues to thrive.
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But I did, at least a little, and then went down to make a late breakfast. After breakfast I stood in my minuscule backyard, enjoying the blue sky and thinking it would be so nice to be able to hand out my sheets....

....except that my whole yard is 17 x 17, we've been feeding the sparrows for months, and my sheets would be covered with bird poop in about 20 seconds.

Another good reason to move!

On the other hand, there's a volunteer opp to work on a little public garden outside the Hort Soc headquarters tonight at 5:30. That's an easy bike ride and I'm sure if I turned up with my trowel land my entrenching tool they wouldn't turn me away.

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Two blooms of the second 'Exotica' scape have opened and mine eyes do spy a *third* stalk coming up -- it's about three inches tall now. Because the stalks are coming up in sequence like this I won't get the all-at-once showy display, but that's okay -- I'll get a mid- or late-April bonus.

The girly bits of the one 'gervase' I pollinated with 'apple blossom' pollen have completely shriveled and died, but I think I detect a swelling in the ovary. All four blossoms on the second scape are open. There's no sudden collapse of the blossom I tried to pollinate with superannuated 'apple blossom' pollen, but it's early days yet. Downstairs, the Class of 2006 has two representatives blooming or about to. Neither is particularly exciting, but they *are* my firstborn, so I'll probably keep them.

The Class of 2009, recently transplanted, has a bit of a case of yellowing leaves. They don't especially like being transplanted when they're not dormant, so it's probably just a shocky reaction while their roots re-establish. Another few weeks and they go outdoors to soak up the sunshine.

Nopalxochia is putting on quite a show in one corner but will be winding down this week, I think, except for two or three outliers.

Thyme is germinating beyond my wildest dreams -- I can't count the number of pinhead seedlings, but it's a heap more than I need. I see the first parsleys today, too -- four or five of them. The surface-sown seeds of the impatiens are plumping up and showing tiny white swellings at the corners, so I expect to have an abundance of them as well. All in all, I will probably have more plants than back yard.

In non-gardening news, Roy and I went to see Alice in Wonderland on the big screen. We both found the high level of the audio intensely painful. I had earplugs in my bag, but only one set; Roy fabricated some out of toilet paper. Thus insulated somewhat from the assault on our eardrums, we liked the film very much. Roy commented on our ride home that he thinks we would have missed a lot of the effect if we'd waited for the DVD.
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I have too many marjoram seedlings. That's better than not having enough.

On the other hand, I had insufficient germination -- less than 50% -- on my Thompson & Morgan impatiens. I planted them according to package instructions, which said cover seed lightly. I know better -- the seed should be sown on top of the medium and not covered. So I dropped another dozen seeds on top of the soil in the container. We'll see what happens. I will have blank spaces out back that will need something to fill in.

The weather is dark and rainy so my hippeastrums are taking their good old sweet time about opening up. The second scape of the gervase has been playing peek-a-boo for what seems like years but is probably only two or three days. The flowers on the first scape are definitely wilting, though. The last bloom on the Apple Blossom is starting to fade -- the first two have totally rolled up and turned brown. Meanwhile, two of the scapes from the Class of 2006 are maturing, slooooowly, and I think one of them may be the one with the reddest of the blossoms from last year. Still only two flowers on the scape, but I may keep it because it's my firstborn.

We were going to replace the old whiskey barrel planter out front, which has rotted out in spots, with a new one this weekend. But the iris have so many fat buds that I can't bear to disrupt them until they've finished blooming. Well, that's a first class problem.
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Originally uploaded by lb_philly.
I thought these were awfully pretty when I saw them in the Park Seed catalog, but I couldn't see paying $3.50 for seeds plus $7.95 shipping and handling. So I crossed my fingers and went to the seed vendor at the Flower Show. Who had them, from Thompson & Morgan, a packet of 50 seeds instead of 30.

I had saved the two plastic containers that held the two mixtures I used for meat loaf last week -- they nested inside each other nicely, so one can double as a pot saucer. I sowed the seeds today, which has some sort of deep significance, I suppose, as it's the last day of the Flower Show.

I spent a couple hours on the show floor this morning, shooting some things over. Between using the burst and bracketing the exposures, I think I captured 6-10 images for every frame I wanted. And I still have two do-overs on my list, although one is just capturing a label on an orchid and the other isn't exactly essential.

If they're allowing exhibitors to start the tear-down right after the show closes, I'm going to help out Michael Bruce.


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