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So it's been twelve moons, a lunar year, since my sister went ahead, as someone I admire puts it. I miss her, of course, but the fact of her absence is now a part of my interior landscape, accepted and encapsulated most of the time. I still have my moments, but I think I'm okay. The anniversary date is still twelve days off.
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I got the news via an email from an LJ friend, and came over to see Kate's brief last post. Our friend [ profile] jackiejj passed away Jan. 3 after being diagnosed with cancer in June. She was a gentle soul with a whimsical sense of humor -- a fondness for gardening, walks, tiny houses, holiday socks, and doodles on her church bulletins. She self-published a book titled Miserable on Purpose, and I'm sorry now that I never bought a copy. [Edited to add: It's still available on Amazon!]

Our Internet friendship dates back to Usenet in the 1990s. I once sent her a package of fur from Mr. Darcy for her daughter Kate to use in a spinning project.

Elsewhere, that same friend who emailed me mused on age and mortality and how the worst part of aging is losing more and more of our fellow travelers. I suppose the lesson and the challenge is that we need to support our friends as they grieve and trust that our friends will in turn support us in our bereavement, and our survivors when it's our turn to board the train.
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Belated thanks to all of the thoughts, prayers, and hugs of the past ten days or so. I've felt supported by the love and kindness of my friends.
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I will need to make a long reflective post when my son goes home. The funeral is tomorrow; my son leaves Monday morning.

This was in many ways much easier than I had expected. So far.
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She passed away peacefully around four hours ago, surrounded by her family, at home in Louisiana. Roy and I drank a bottle of wine to absent friends.
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My friend Carole is "actively dying," according to one of her caregivers, who called me this afternoon. Carole is no longer conscious and they expect the end to be within the next day or so.
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An hour ago he was still alive but didn't much care that he was. We stayed with him and hugged him as he went.

He was a goodwill ambassador to the neighborhood. The house seems terribly empty.

This is *much* harder than Ferko.

Edited to add: The vet didn't think it was doggie flu, but a sudden collapse at the end of a long decline. He thought that heart, lungs, and kidneys were all implicated.


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