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Not a public person in user profiles. Not inclined to much of the frippery of social networking.

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50s/60s pop/rock history, atlas shrugged, biking, bob brozman, cheese, chopin, christian sinding, civil war, classical music, codicology, coleus, crocheting, django reinhardt, doc watson, embroidery, fairmount park, fingerstyle guitar, gardening, grumblethorpe, hippeastrum, historic philadelphia, james logan, jane austen, john bartram, johnny depp, knitting, libraries, lotr, medieval studies, melville cooper, neighborhood activism, online exhibitions, paleography, philadelphia, philadelphia history, photography, plant larceny, privacy, prosopography, resonator guitars, richard iii, roy orbison, rudyard kipling, schlumbergera, shakespeare, snarking, theater, thirties movies, tolkein, walter gieseking, web design
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