Jul. 3rd, 2016

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UPDATE: The cell phone and I are reunited, thanks to a conscientious cab driver

I am fidgeting, having gotten up at 5 am fretting about the loss of my cell phone after a free Philadelphia Orchestra concert last night. This will be a very expensive free concert if it doesn't turn up.

It could be in the concert hall -- they don't open until 10 this morning, and there's no guarantee that a cleaning or security staff will have turned it in first thing. I could have left it in the taxi. I called the dispatcher, who said she'd put out an all-drivers call and if someone finds it they'll get in touch with me.

Roy turned off Verizon for my phone and I just changed all my passwords so no one can send prank emails from my accounts or buy stuff on Amazon. It's set so that it will wipe all its data if someone tries to guess the passcode more than 10 times. I'm only missing the last day's worth of photos and I think (although I'm not sure) that I've backed my contacts etc. up to the cloud. They all synch with my email accounts, anyhow.

But bleah. What a nuisance. And what an expense. I absolutely need it for work and as an independent contractor I don't get issued one (or a replacement). This also means that when the new iPhone 7 comes out I won't be able to get an upgrade...


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