Apr. 18th, 2016

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It's hard to tell from the photo, but my baby Edelweiss are starting to make fuzzy-ish leaves. Although I am wary of counting my chickens before they hatch, it appears there's a good possibility that I will have enough for myself and the neighbor who brought me the seeds, with some left over to send to [livejournal.com profile] clindau (and [livejournal.com profile] pameladean, if she wants some) -- and yet more to go to the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society plant dividend event on members' day.

This makes me happy.

You can embiggen the photo by clicking on it, and then you will see the wee fuzzy leaves, about the size of the ears of baby mice perhaps.

As I mentioned before, I've had the seeds since a neighbor brought them back from a Swiss vacation in 2014, but it was Reginald Farrer's description of their ease of cultivation that moved me to crack the packet, mix the seeds with sand, and give it a whirl.

Also making me happy -- I ordered a somewhat faded and foxed but otherwise sound first edition of Reginald Farrer, My Rock-Garden, for the princely sum of $5 plus $5 shipping. When it arrived it was bearing this interesting bookplate:

This also makes me happy. This gentleman, R[analphus] J[ohn] Carthew, was elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society in 1901 -- a society of which Reginald Farrer was also a member. Possibly they knew each other. A fine thing. The book is wildly funny, too, with Farrer writing that he gave a great cry and fell prostrate from the beauty of this or that plant.

About those arms -- the critters are "murrs [aka auks] proper" and the motto, "Bedhoh fyr ha heb drok," can be roughly translated as "be wise without guile." I'd like to learn more about Carthew, whose life bookended Carrer's by two decades on either side. All I know right now is that he was in the military, achieving the rank of Colonel, that he was a cattle breeder, and that he collected seventeenth century [communion] tokens.


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