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Done and blocked and packed up in a giftie bag along with care instructions. It's cheap acrylic yarn but it blocked pretty nicely nevertheless.

I finished the blocking etc three days before her due date. (This is my next door neighbor.)

We've been taking in baby gifts that come via UPS for a couple of weeks and then calling to say "we have packages for you." So today I called and said "there's a package here for you." Haven't heard back yet.

Yesterday I lost the lens cap to my Nikon. I think I didn't put it back on securely and it got knocked off in a crush of people -- I was at a reception for Walter Smith, who's been a doorman at the League for 50 years and took his picture as a souvenir for me. It probably fell on the dark rug and was mistaken for a common piece of trash. Happily, we have a Calumet Photo here in Phila, so I biked over late this afternoon and bought two of their own brand. Theirs seem to stay on better than the Nikon one, and also come with elastic straps you can put around the lens, like the old straps that kept us from losing our mittens. I had fashioned a makeshift lens cap from a linen napkin and a rubber band, which offered some protection but not much. I'm glad to have a real lens cap again and even gladder to have a spare.

It's ungodly hot in Philadelphia right now -- temps going up to the high 80s or even the 90s. Bleah. But the harvest moon looks really spiffy. This weekend it's supposed to settle down again so I think I may do some yard work, bring in the hippeastrum, take coleus cuttings for myself, etc.
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2010-06-23_06ltspOne of the many things I like about the new Nikon: being able to take a photograph like this without flash in ordinary classroom lighting. The text under the illustrations, freely translated, is "This is the genuine Martin Luther article and not some pirated and potentially bastardized copy."

You can click through and reach my photo set of more than 100 photos from the RBMS preconference if you're so inclined. It includes heaps o' photos from the Friday tour of historic Germantown, which began with show-and-tell at the Lutheran seminary (which explains this one). The book is printed but the illustrations are hand-colored.
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Originally uploaded by lb_philly.
I'm not there yet, but I'm sure that by the time I finish my indiscriminate uploading of Flower Show photos I will be. I have less than 400 photos to go to turn the odometer on 10,000 photos.

This is "Flowers: The Jewels of an Indian Wedding," the India showcase garden by Jamie Rothstein Floral Design. It's also the last photo in my Flower Show set of almost 500 photos so far, eep!, so if you click through and keep clicking on the left thumbnail you'll eventually come to the beginning. I'm only up to the Member Preview day, meaning I have several days of Flower Show to go. I missed one day entirely and another day I only shot about 8 frames, but I made up for it on the other days.

Jolly Mr. Nikon just keeps humming along. I have yet to run down the battery or fill the SD-MMC card, even though I shot almost 900 frames yesterday. It's because I was getting the hang of the "burst" feature, which is even as [ profile] kightp said is a thing of wonder and beauty for getting the focus right on the second or third shot.

Today I think I also learned how to dial down the exposure a bit when I don't want the highlights burnt out. Too bad I didn't learn that before today's set of I have a re-shoot list of about 15 shots and I'm sure I'll think of more.

Flower Show

Mar. 3rd, 2010 08:43 am
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I spent eight hours on the Show Floor yesterday in a split shift and I am taking the day (mostly) off from the show to recover. Also, it's about time I paid a little more attention to my Day Job.

I didn't see [ profile] clindau's message in time to send greetings to my sister, but will do so at my next opportunity.

In other news, I have discovered that my desktop machine positively refuses to acknowledge the existence of the SD-MMC card. However, the ASUS happily reads it. Thus, I can do a clunky workaround -- SD-MMC card in the slot, external hard drive in the USB port, and transfer. I hope. I shot a video last night, with no clue what I was doing, and we'll see how that went.

I have good germination on my marjoram, thirteen buds on the Nopalxochia, and a second flower stalk emerging from the Hippeastrum 'exotica.'

EDIT: And I spy a second bud amid the leaves on the 'gervase." Whee!

My final tour day has been changed from Thursday to Friday. This will make the time with the artistic and horticultural classes much more interesting -- there will be judging going on in both areas. It also means, I think, that my new day off, Thursday, will be a day on which absolutely nothing is going on in those areas so I'll have a free hand to photograph to my heart's content, but no free coffee.

In other news, I uploaded my niece's photos to one of my servers so that she can grab them if she wants them before I mail the CD to her. Also...the *picture* quality on the video I shot is fabulous. The technical/artistic quality, not so much.
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Originally uploaded by lb_philly.
Jolly Mr. Nikon makes shooting the Flower Show a real treat.


Feb. 23rd, 2010 04:52 pm
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Originally uploaded by lb_philly.
I pointed. I zoomified. I shot. I am happy.


Feb. 23rd, 2010 11:54 am
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Originally uploaded by lb_philly.
The lens went on just like a Nikon lens. It feels just like a Nikon. I handed it to Roy and he went ooooh just from the way it feels.

My new D90, fresh out of the box. The batteries are charging downstairs.

And now I'm off to photograph Flower Show setup with my trusty Kodak pocket camera.
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I've now set the alarm for 5:30 and woke up at 5:00, thanks to my loathing for the station on which I set the clock radio. I was fully dressed and groomed and could have walked out the door at 5:45 if I had wanted to.

The bike run to the PathMark yesterday was wonderful! I felt like school had let out for the weekend. Once I make the turn on to Grays Ferry Avenue I'm virtually assured 1/2 mile of uninterrupted road, all on the level, whee! Also, there were bargains. For $100 I got enough groceries that I had to tell Roy to hop on his bike and come meet me -- I had exceeded my six bag limit and the stuff was too heavy for the handlebar treatment in any case. In fact, once I'd gotten home my arm muscles were all limp from controlling the steering!

Amazon says my Nikon shipped and should be here tomorrow, along with the aftermarket book and the battery recharger. The SD card will take a little longer. I have no obligations outside the house, so I can wait at home for UPS all day, whee!

There are lots of suggestive bumps on the Nopalxochia. I am guessing that when the bumps start to turn green it's a sign that they will become something. If I'm right, this year's bloom will be comfortably in the double digits. Whee!

It's Roy's birthday today and for his special birthday dinner he asked for....meat loaf! So the PathMark run included the acquisition of ground beef, ground veal, ground pork and ground lamb. Also brussels sprouts. Whee again!

EDIT: I bought three packs of Burpee seeds at the PathMark yesterday: marjoram, parsley, and moonflower vine. I started the marjoram this morning -- those seeds are awfully tiny! Tonight I'll put the parsley in to soak, and tomorrow I'll start them.
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Got up (reluctantly but without an alarm) at 5:50. I feel kind of stiff and sore and am not sure why. Sigh.

There's enough snow off the ground now that we can get on our bikes again. This will be the first time in two weeks that I've been able to ride, and I'm actually feeling a little nervous. Will I have lost all conditioning? Will I fall over? Jeez, I never had thoughts like that before.

Amazon tells me it has shipped my recharger and my aftermarket book but not the camera. Sigh...
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Thursday night I had an unpleasant restless night, was up for a couple of hours, and so I turned off the alarm yesterday, sleeping in until 7:00. Wow.

Last night I slept better and woke up naturally at about 5:30. I think I've retrained myself now -- and that my optimal night's sleep is about seven hours.

Just now I pushed the "place order" button on an extravagant digital SLR camera, a Nikon D90 plus extra battery, 16gb SD card, and aftermarket book. I expect that on tour days I will not want that huge piece of ironmongery hanging around my neck but that still leaves [counts on fingers] eight days of Flower Show to play with my new toy. [ profile] kightp tells me that I'll be able to use our old Nikon lenses, albeit with no autofocus (or autometering, I would think).

We have decided to take no pleasure trips this year, putting our discretionary money instead into cameras. Roy went the steampunk route with his Leica, and I've got the digital camera, which I expect Roy will also be interested in learning to use.


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