Feb. 27th, 2017

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[This is one in an occasional series of postings related in some way to the alpine plant hunter Reginald Farrer. The series was originally inspired by Abigail Rorer, Mimpish Squinnies: Reginald Farrer's Short Guide to Worthless Plants. Rorer's book includes prints of fourteen plants Farrer considered worthless-- an interesting hybrid of botanically accurate and...different. You can see her work, including all fourteen mimpish squinnies, here: http://www.theloneoakpress.com/prints/newer.html ]

I have my two ruinously expensive (by my book-buying standards) Farrer novels and a plan to get them digitized and up on the Internet Archive so others can enjoy them, metaphorically speaking, as he was not a successful novelist. I also have my ruinously expensive The Plant Introductions of Reginald Farrer by E.H.M. Cox, which I wanted for the twelve exquisite Farrer watercolors. I am sorely tempted to remove them and frame them, but I'll resist. Scan, print, and frame is probably the better course.

I've ordered far-less-pricey editions of two more Farrer texts -- Among the Hills: A Book of Joy in High Places and The Dolomites: King Laurin's Garden. My pdfs do not satisfy -- the reproduction of the illustrations is abysmal. I was also thrilled to find that most of the Farrer texts I don't have in hard copy are abundantly available in the $20 range.

I have pansies growing under lights, in their eggshell containers, and they're now showing true leaves. I found a few words about pansies in Farrer's magnum opus, The English Rock-Garden. These words, of course, are not about common garden pansies...images and Farrerian prose after the jump )


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