Dec. 22nd, 2016

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Or, the cat who pulled my heartstrings on the Solstice.

Guy about eight blocks south of me posted on the neighborhood Facebook group. Feral mama living in backyard next door took off with two of her three kittens, leaving this one behind. Abandoned kitten had benn outside all day and night, cold and hungry and scared and crying. The guy is violently allergic.

Something inside of me said kitten plus Christmas equals compelling reason to step up. So I did and he delivered the little bundle of terror last evening.

She is terrified if you approach her, and either cringes into a corner or streaks away. But if you can grab her by the scruff of the neck, she is happy to get skritchies. She purrs like crazy and eats like a starving thing (which of course she is...)

We plan to enroll her in a fostering program, which will pay for neutering and medical care (e.g., shots, etc) and will help with placement in a permanent home. Which may end up being ours, for which the culture has coined the technical term "foster fail."

We're pretty sure she's female. The Scamp wants nothing to do with her. Just as well, because we don't know whether she has any of those awful diseases.

(Apologies if any of these photos are huge...using the app on my phone and I don't know how to controlthe image size.)


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