Jun. 15th, 2016

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He was off his feed earlier this week and acting a little strangely -- he spent an entire day lying in "his spot" out back and otherwise avoiding us.

Yesterday I did two things: I made an appointment for the ultrasound; and I called the vet to ask for more appetite stimulants while we await the ultrasound results. I gave him his appetite stimulant pill around 6 pm, and wasn't 100% sure he had actually taken it, although I couldn't find it anywhere within spitting distance of where I'd administered it.

Two hours later, as we were eating dinner in front of the TV, he hopped up on Roy's lap and stole a chunk of roast pork right out of the dish.

This morning I came up to find the designer crunchies and all of last night's Fancy Feast eaten. He followed me up and said a few choice words, so I popped the lid on a new can and gave him half. Ten minutes later he was in my office complaining about the portion size. I gave him the other half a can and he ate that right up, too.

The last batch of appetite stimulants didn't work quite this well...


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