Apr. 8th, 2016

Thyme's Up!

Apr. 8th, 2016 09:32 am
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My five-year-old thyme seeds are still remarkably viable and I'm enjoying the benefits of a heating pad for my seedling trays -- the seeds I sowed on Sunday were up on Thursday. Sage and peppers aren't moving quite so fast, but sage is touchy; the peppers are old and don't quite have the same shelf life. I have a string of dried ones downstairs. If I don't see movement from these seeds in the next week I may pop one of those peppers and plant those seeds.

I harvested a ripe fruit from one of my Schlumbergeras last week -- a no-name Madisto look-alike crossed with one of Dragonclaw's siblings. They're slower to germinate (2-3 weeks) but I have hopes.

Yesterday I finally sowed those Leontopodium -- Farrer calls them flannel-flower but most people call them Edelweiss. I've had the seeds since 2014, but they've been in a sealed foil packet in the fridge and the seed is so fine that the packet said to mix it with sand (which I did). Next up, I suppose: making a hypertufa trough to hold them if I get good germination. I have two of the three ingredients and am hoping I can get Portland cement in smaller than 100-lb sacks.

The Swiss seed vendor Samen Mauser certainly packages things nicely -- the packet included a little plant stake.

Edelweiss seed packet


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