May. 29th, 2016

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[Posted at 10 this morning] He's not eating much for me, and he's pretty lethargic -- except when it's time to give him his meds,  Then, with preternatural strength and much gacking, he fights off my attempts to poison him.

I'd really rather give pills to cats, as long as they're not too big. That's not so hard. Shove as far down as possible, hold head up and massage throat until he swallows. But that's only every other day. The three ml of assorted antibiotics squirted into his mouth with syringes is....not fun, and this will keep up twice daily till Friday, when he goes back for a checkup. I'd be a lot happy if he were eating more.

[Update at 4:45] He has polished off the last of the first batch of Presription Crunchies (about 1/4 cup). My neighbor gave me four dear little cans of Fancy Feast. I popped the lid on salmon salad (or whatever it was called) and gave him about half the can. He immediately licked off all the tasty sauce, leaving the dry salmon. I added some water and he ate a little ore of it. I think that's progress.

[Update at 11:00] Not much additional eating, but he may snack this evening. He was marginally easier to medicate this afternoon and allowed himself to be mollified with a few treats within five minutes of being medicated. (And he forgave me faster. Last night he studiously ignored me for hours.) He also had a bit of raw beef while we were preparing dinner.


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